Anne Suy

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The concept

We have reworked the effectiveness and personalisation of the massage, by deconstructing the sequences and the way they are carried out, and starting again from the fundamentals. We apply the massage techniques specific to each of the styles and we have pruned away anything that was not effective or of questionable rationality. 

We respect massage times, 1 hour is 1 hour. Not 50 minutes, not 55.

Who is Anne Suy ?

Anne Suy is the creator of our massages. An astonishing person, with an exceptional story.

At the age of ten, Anne could not read, write or count. She had never been to school.

15 years later, she obtained her Master's degree in law and wrote a published book on the theme of global public goods. The book was read and annotated by a French President during his term of office, by prominent members of parliament and even featured in the Vatican library!

Then she turned her attention to the restaurant business, setting up a traditional restaurant, followed by a fast-food concept featuring traditional cuisine, an import-export business... and finally her first massage institute, all while raising her three children.

For the anecdote, it was after having been dissatisfied with her first massage that she decided to look into the subject of well-being, and above all better well-being. She learned about massage and its various techniques, anatomy and biology, took courses, set up her first establishment in a shopping centre and began practising in the highly competitive environment of the 13th arrondissement, where enlightened amateurs and recognised specialists are abundant.

With 10 years' experience behind her, she sold her institute and chose to practice in Vincennes, where after a few trials and errors (nap bar, then beauty salon), she decided to return to her main interest, determined to help massage evolve.

So she went back to the sources, tried out techniques and tools, and finally came up with three fundamental massages that combine ancestral knowledge and age-old gestures with biological rationality and scientific reality.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud and happy (and a little moved too) to welcome you to the Athénée Anne Suy.

The Anne Suy Institute

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